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Q: One Swimming Dog = How Many Swimming People?

Swimming dogA: A typical dog can be the equivalent of about 50 swimmers in the pool!  This means you need to monitor and adjust the pool's chemical balance frequently during the "Dog Days" of Summer.

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Pool Repairs

Repair Services

Unfortunately, swimming pools are prone to malfunction. Sometimes the problem is obvious, other times it requires a trained professional to diagnose.  The weather, extreme temperatures and blazing sun in North Texas takes a toll on swimming pool equipment. Mountjoy Pool Services has highly trained technicians who can correctly recognize and repair the problem, the first time.  Before any repair will begin, we will give you a detailed quote listing the problem, the solution, all parts and equipment to be used, and an inclusive price (all parts and labor).  It is our intent for you to be completely informed prior to approving any work.   If you need pool repair services in: Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Richardson or McKinney, call Mountjoy Pool Sevices at 972.248.4858 or email main@mountjoypools.com today. 

High Quality Parts from Leading Manufacturers

Mountjoy Pool Services only uses the highest quality equipment, from manufacturers with a proven record. Any replacement equipment we install will meet or surpass the specifications of what it is replacing, as well as meet all applicable codes.

We Service the Following Pool and Spa Equipment:

Polaris pool sweepPentair Pool Filter
Aqua Link
Deck-O-Seal & Deck-O-Shield
King Technology / Frog Systems
Kreepy Krauly
Laars Heaters
PACFAB Pentair Pool Pump
Prologic/Aqua Rite
System 3
  * Waranty Service Provider  

Does Your Pool Look Like This?

Dirty Swimmimg PoolA damaged or torn filter, like the one on the right, can allow debris to pass through the filter and back into the pool causing the pool to appear dirty even when the pump and filter are running. Not only is it unsightly, it puts extra stress on the pool systems and can cause major damage.Very dirty pool filter 

 We have the training and experience to solve most pool repair problems including:

  • Backwash Valve Repairs
  • Automatic Chlorinator Repairs
  • Pool Electrical Repairs*  
  • Relocate Pool Equipment  
  • Pool Filter Repairs  
  • Pool Heater Repairs  
  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair  
  • Pool Light Repairs*  
  • Pool Plumbing Repairs 
  • Pool Sweep Repairs 
  • Pool Pump Repairs 
  • Salt System Repairs
  • Pool Electronic Control Repairs*

Let the professionals at Mountjoy Pool Services inspect your pool and determine the right steps to get in back in top shape quickly. 

Green Pool Rescues

If your pool looks more like a swamp, click for information about our Pool Rescue services Pool Rescue

*Licensed by the State of Texas

Make sure you use a licensed Installation Contractor for Residential Appliances to perform any electrical work on your pool system. Mountjoy Pool Services is licensed by the State of Texas as an Installation Contractor for Residential Appliances. This license is required of anyone who performs electrical work in the state of Texas. Electrical work is defined as: Any labor or material used in installing, maintaining or extending an electrical wiring system and the appurtenances, apparatus or equipment used in connection with the use of electrical energy in, on, outside, or attached to a building, residence, structure, property, or premises; Service entrance conductors, as defined by the National Electrical Code; Electrical contractors, electrical sign contractors, and residential appliance installer contractors.  Read more at: http://www.license.state.tx.us/electricians/elecfaq.htm.





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