Pool Repairs, Rescues, Renovations & Service

Trust us to turn your swimming pool into a beautiful oasis and keep it looking great. We repair, renovate and maintain pools and spas in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Frisco and McKinney.

Pool Repair & Rescue

SOS Pool LifesaverWhen a pool stops working, the problem may be obvious, but often it requires a trained pool repair professional to diagnose.


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Pool Service

Pool servicesWeekly and seasonal cleaning and maintenance services will keep your pool in top shape.


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Pool Renovations

Pool renovationFrom replastering to whole system conversions, if your pool needs renovation, we can help. 


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Summer's Coming!

demoDon't miss out on a single day of fun, exercise and relaxation. Let Mountjoy Pool Services get your pool ready for the summer fun season! Call us for more information at 972.248.4858.

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Your Backyard Oasis Awaits

Your swimming pool is more than more than just a pool - it's an amusement park, vacation get-swimming pool funaway, exercise facility, relaxation zone and family gathering zone all-in-one. And in North Texas, pools get a real workout. Scorching summer heat, freezing winter temps and trees all combine to stress pool equipment, plaster and tile.

Mountjoy Pool Services is here to help you create and maintain your backyard oasis. Our team of professionals is ready to repair, renovate or maintain your pool. And, if your pool is experiencing an "emergency", we have pool rescue services designed to take your pool from "green to clean" in no time.

Five Steps to a Perfect Pool

No one wants a cloudy, dirty pool. If you want to make sure your pool is clean and clear year-round, just follow these five steps:

OneCirculation  -  Keep the water moving to ensure algae and bacteria can't grow and get a foothold in your pool. You need to keep your pool's pump running about 10 hours a day to keep the water moving.

TwoFiltration - A pool's filter is essential in removing all the leaves, sticks and dirt that find their way into your pool. But a filter needs maintenance, like backwashing and cleaning to keep doing its job.

Clean Safe PoolOneCleaning - Brushing and vacuuming the walls and floor of your pool will keep the algae and bacteria at bay. An automatic pool sweep can be a real time saver.

FourTesting - Swimmers, sun and weather can change the pH and chlorine level of your pool.  Make sure to check and treat the water with the right chemicals to keep your pool clean, clear and safe.

FiveMaintenance - Regular maintenance for your pump, filter, pool sweep and pool surface will reduce costly equipment repair and replacement and will extend the life of your pool. Isn't it worth it to ensure your backyard oasis is ready for you and your family to enjoy?

Quality Service

Mountjoy Pool Services, LLC provides swimming pool repairs, renovation, maintenance and service to clients across the North Dallas area including Dallas, Carrollton, Frisco, Plano, Richardson and McKinney.  We are licensed by the State of Texas as a Residential Appliance Installation Contractor. /p>

Our technicians are trained and ready to tackle your most challenging swimming pool issues.  Whether it is a simple repair or a complete system replacement, we treat each customer with care and work to ensure complete satisfaction.

Call us today at 972.248.4858 to set an appointment.  We are prompt and courteous. 

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